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Available scholarships


Financial options may be available for those who qualify. BrakaSoft has acquired numerous financial options (including grants and loans) to help make this investment in yourself both affordable and realistic. While the grant is no reimbursable money, the loan can help you pay your fees in installments.

These scholarships are applicable for the following courses:

i. ECBA Certification program
ii. CCBA Certification program
iii. CBAP Certification program
iv. D365 CRM Business Analysis, ECBA
v. Salesforce CRM Business Analysis, ECBA

Application periods and deadlines

Intakes scheduled between (all Cities / Countries)

Application deadline

January 05th to April 30th

November 30th

May 01st to July 31st

April 30th

August 01st to December 15th

June 30th

Terms and conditions

1. The money that is allocated toward your scholarship is solely for the purpose of paying your training fees and enabling your course at BrakaSoft. It is not for your personal gain or usage. It is the property of BrakaSoft, held in your name and allocated by BrakaSoft toward the payment of your training fees for the time that you will be registered for a specific training course.

2. In order to keep your scholarship, you must take the course you registered for while you submitted your scholarship application. Your scholarship will be at risk if you are not available for training on the dates specified while applying. Please be aware that this scholarship shall not again be made available to you.
3. Should you decide to return for the same training course at a later time, and require assistance in meeting training fees, you will need to re-apply for financial aid. BrakaSoft cannot guarantee that financial aid will be available at the time of your return.

4. Should you quit your training before the end, you forfeit your scholarship. The scholarship funds shall be used by BrakaSoft toward providing another student with access to the certification training program and will not be given to you for your personal use.

5. Provisions regarding the awarding of this scholarship are subject to change any time without notice;
6. To apply or if you have any questions about these scholarships, please contact the financial aid office at

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